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Company: PA ABS
Organizational and technological consultancy
We operate in the Finance area providing high standards services in the organizational and technological consultancy field. We have strong competencies in the design, implementation and management of data security, business continuity & data risk management.

Our services are implemented using ISO 27001 Process Model PDCA (plan-do-check-act) which are divided into 5 areas:
  • Security  Governance - definition of the organization, processes and control required for a proper data security management
  • IT Risk & Management - definition and adoption of control and risk management framework
  • Preventive Security - protection of the IT infrastructure, data protection, digital identity management, application security
  • Reactive Security - management of security emergencies, design and implementation of security monitoring systems, definition of operative continuity plans and disaster recovery
  • Technologies and Support services

We help our customers to reach the IT Security goal. We support them in achieving the certifications required in the IT security area such as PCI-DSS  2.0, ISO 27001:2005, ISO 22301:2012.

We plan and implement dashboards for the security management based on Key Performance Indicators/Key Risk Indicator models.

We define and implement IT Risk Management models for operative risks management in accordance to Basel II and Solvency II rules.

We design and offer IT Governance solutions based on the best known standards (COBIT, ITIL, CMMI, ISO 20000:2005).

We support the customer in the design of the IT organization structure and in the introduction of policies and procedures for the information system management.


Via Rosellini, 12
20124 Milano
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Designed for

Large companies, Banks, Insurance companies, System integrators.


  •  Security governance
  •  IT Risk & Management
  •  Preventive Security
  •  Reactive Security
  •  IT Support Services